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‘Wonder’-World: Taj-Mahal

Taj-mahal, a fairytale, pure love story and not much of a happy ending..

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Oh Sahara, my Sahara..  I remember you crystal clear. Once my friend told me "if you look at the view ten seconds without blinking, your mind saves it and whenever you want to see it all you need to do is close your eyes. And here it is like a post-card in front of you."… Continue reading SA(HARA): THE GREETINGS OF THE HAPPINESS

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Ohh Kerala, Kerala! What shall'e do with thy Kerala? After almost one month intense AIESEC journey through India, most of us got separated. The last destination for all together was Goa. That’s where we said our ‘’see you soons’’  to each other, not a GOODBYE for me. Because I don’t say goodbye, I never liked… Continue reading PEACE OF GREEN: KERALA

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The story of the beginning: Surat

This is the beginning of the journey, improvement, change and mixture of emotions.. Surat, THE CITY OF DIAMOND, or in my dictionary: THE CITY OF IMPACT. This is the city where we started our journey and the city that I will never forget. I spent four days in this place and discovered the city while… Continue reading The story of the beginning: Surat

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Blue is the warmest color in Chefchaouen

Right now, sipping my tea with a lemon slide in it and thinking of my first journey in Morocco.. I know I have written about Morocco a lot, but I just can't get enough of this unique country. It affected me in many ways! I would like to share my thoughts and some beautiful details… Continue reading Blue is the warmest color in Chefchaouen

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Accepted in Unexpected City: CASA-BLANCA

I still remember the day I landed in Casablanca, after all those chaos and spending a lot of time in Frankfurt Airport.. I spent almost 18 hours to reach Casa (home) finally. Yeah, it is my home now. I could see and live the city in another perspective and though it is not a DREAM city… Continue reading Accepted in Unexpected City: CASA-BLANCA

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A City of Sin: Amste(l)dam

Let's go back in time.. Time in February 2016. I was doing Erasmus in Germany/Germersheim. It was a spring semester and my best friend came to see me in Germany and we wanted to travel out of Germany during the holiday. Our first destination was Hamburg and then Bremen and then Amsterdam. Ohh that Amsterdam,… Continue reading A City of Sin: Amste(l)dam

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Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah

I remembered the day we got there.. It was the 5. of September. We were 2 Turks and 2 Tunisians! We had our own nicknames: 2-TUs! 😄 It was a calm and small city located in the Northern of Morocco! North of Morocco looks much more European than the South, but the South has it's… Continue reading Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah