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What is Dharma?

“There are certain things that our hearts pull, yet our mind is so loud and don’t let us listen to them.” I read this sentence while ago, exactly when I was desperately looking into dharma and what it means and what it does. Well, what I believe is that everything is constantly changing and becoming.… Continue reading What is Dharma?

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What YOGA is..

Well, it is not easy to describe but I will try to describe it from my own perspective. It is alright that you see yoga as a fashion, or as fun, as a show or even as a way to become influencer. I don’t blame you. For anything. It is truly understandable that you think… Continue reading What YOGA is..

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Oh Sahara, my Sahara..  I remember you crystal clear. Once my friend told me "if you look at the view ten seconds without blinking, your mind saves it and whenever you want to see it all you need to do is close your eyes. And here it is like a post-card in front of you."… Continue reading SA(HARA): THE GREETINGS OF THE HAPPINESS

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Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah

I remembered the day we got there.. It was the 5. of September. We were 2 Turks and 2 Tunisians! We had our own nicknames: 2-TUs! 😄 It was a calm and small city located in the Northern of Morocco! North looks much more European than the South, but the South has it's own thing:… Continue reading Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah

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Green Tea: Manali

Collect such people in your life where you laugh and pee yourself because of real happiness of mind. It all started with 14 hour bus trip from Delhi to Manali... After a very long trip from New Delhi, we finally got to meet the beautiful city; Manali. The time we got there, I knew I… Continue reading Green Tea: Manali