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Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah

I remembered the day we got there.. It was the 5. of September. We were 2 Turks and 2 Tunisians! We had our own nicknames: 2-TUs! 😄

It was a calm and small city located in the Northern of Morocco! North of Morocco looks much more European than the South, but the South has it’s own thing: Marrakech! Anyway, we went from Tangier to Assilah with a big cab. The time we got there I begged to find the famous spot of the area!

That is where all the tourist go and take a snap and post them on instagram. I was dying to find that place! We started looking for it and on the way there, we got lost in the small, narrow and cute streets covered with all beautiful moroccan doors and magnificent graffitis on the walls. I could not help but had my photos took in the every corner of this eyeful city! I loved the place soon I got in there. It did not have anything interesting but the atmosphere..

Moroccan doors have right to be famous to be honest. They are unique in their own way. We crossed the Atlantic ocean and smelled the salty weather in the air. I was already in love with the city and then I was walking on the beach and I got deeper in love. ‘Cause everyone knows me knows that I can not live where there is NO SEA!

We were enjoying our time by getting into alleys and knew absolutely nothing where we were going. We were discovering something new and something more beautiful in each corner and captured those moments. At the end we found that famous spot. All of us took photos there and then we headed back to the center. We took a break and ate yummy maize. And then I came up with a crazy idea again. We were really tired by walking a lot and I suggested them to ride a phaeton in the area we haven’t seen in Assilah. I loved the idea because I hadn’t rode a horse/phaeton in my lifetime. I really like trying new things. I am open-minded, so were my travel-buddies! They accepted the suggestion after learning the price of tour for half and hour: 20 dirham total: 5 dirham per person! I was soooo happy.

We took videos, sang songs and got really crazy on the ride. After that we realized how tired we were and hungry at the same time. We did not want to spend much money, so we decided to eat something cheap and still delicious: Panini🌯 (3/4 dirhams). And then we wanted to rest and have a fresh air at the same time cause we were about to smoke some 💨. We walked through the seaside and got on the “artisanal” rocks.

It was not easy to stand still or even to sit on them! But the atmosphere was fabulous, it was a time for a sunset 🌅 and the weather was really cool 🌾. The sound of the water and the smoke you puff and the great company you have! The greatest angle of traveling!👌🏽 we enjoyed the night, danced a lot and savored the moment.. It was unforgettable. The more we smoked, the calmer but happier we got and enjoyed the silence.

And then we hit the road to go back to Casablanca! We figured out that it was real late and there was no BUS or TRAIN at that time, even in summer. We walked all the way to the train station and asked a guard when the next train 🚂 is! He was “a real angel”👼🏻 who saved us from sleeping on the street and getting raped/kidnapped or hijacked! For real.. it is really dangerous to be on the street in the middle of the night in Morocco. He took us inside and explained the situation the head of the station: he did not like the idea of us staying inside during the night and he got nervous somehow! But the guard really liked us and he HAS a real HEART! ❤️ We gave our passports to the guy and he let us stay in. But the guard was not comfortable since we had nothing to sleep on 🛏. He took us outside all of a sudden and tried to act like a angry and took his index finger to his lips and wanted us to quiet! 🤐 He took us to upstairs and made 4 beds for us! He gave us “HIS OWN BED” too! 😢 What a MAN! I tried not to cry and I could not believe in 2017 there was somebody with full of 💜 and conscience! I was still a bit scared because no matter how nice and gentleman he is, he could do harm us.. I took my diary and wrote that moment down real quick! I was really touched. It took me half and hour to fall asleep finally. The guy had been watching us out and did not sleep during the night. He sat on the chair and woke us up real gently when the train was about to come. We hugged and thanked the guy for everything he did for us. And that moment, I knew exactly that I would not ever forget it until I die..


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