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A City of Sin: Amste(l)dam

Let’s go back in time.. Time in February 2016. I was doing Erasmus in Germany/Germersheim. It was a spring semester and my best friend came to see me in Germany and we wanted to travel out of Germany during the holiday. Our first destination was Hamburg and then Bremen and then Amsterdam. Ohh that Amsterdam, I could have lived there forever and ever..


We went there by Flixbus which was pretty cheap. To be honest I used it very often during my time in Germany. Really reasonable. We booked hostel on for 4 nights. The hostel called “Stay Okay” and it was really safe and central for that price, including breakfast though! We could talk anywhere from our hostel and it was pretty close to center where the Dom is. We arrived very early in Amsterdam and checked-in in our hostel and left our backpacks and went out to discover the city. We have heard of the fame of this amazing city. First we walked through the main square where the Cathedral, Madam Tussauds, shopping malls and museums are. Dom was really magnificent and well-built. We did not get inside of it but admired from the outside for a long time. 


We bought 72 hours valid tickets for the trams firstly because when we first arrived we stayed in another hostel very far from the center and secondly it was cheaper than the usual. It was near to the Heineken Museum but we did not get inside of the museum. First day we wanted to visit most famous wax museum “Madame Tussauds” in the city center. I do not remember exactly but we paid approximately 20 Euros. It was really amazing inside. You could see almost all the famous people like singers, actors/actresses, football players, tennis players, presidents, movie characters like Shrek and whatnot. They all look so real you barely understand the difference between two.


We took pictures with those people and tried some costumes and walked on the red carpet, we did even sing with Lady Gaga! It was all fun. In the exit I bought my-now-favorite-cup of Amsterdam. And another precious souvenir I bought in Amsterdam is my lovely sweatshirt which I wore more than enough and still wear it every winter and remember my time in lovely Amsterdam.


 It was like a dream. For real. You could see the whole square from the top of this building. At that moment I saw a dance-crew dancing in the square with a lot of people around them in a circle. On the other side there was a “magician” guy trying to impress us by sitting in the “air”. 😀 If you can catch the foamy balloons whilst the guy is spreading them, it will be fun for you or just watch them and enjoy your view with the kids running around them. 


We wanted to taste that “famous” waffle of Holland. It tasted real good to be honest. Ohh and if you like theater and performing you should go check the “Dungeon” after visiting Madame Tussauds. We did not because I had seen it in Hamburg. No needed to see it twice even though this one was English in Amsterdam -.- In the evening we went back to our hostel and got ready for the party!! 🙂 We got lost in the narrow street but finally we found the best club in the area: Smokey!! ❤  We went there every night. Well, I could not since I got really sick which I do not know the reason why. Maybe curiosity.. It was all because we were so damn curious! 😀 I will get back there too.


Next day we wanted to have a boat-tour through Amsterdam. It was Valentine’s Day which I could not forget! Me and my best friend were also like a couple between those “lovers”. We took the tram to the main station to get the Cruise Boat. We got in after some waiting and took our headphones in and listened to the history of Amsterdam in our own language. You could choose the language you want to listen during the trip. It was raining that day, and that moment I realized that Amsterdam weather is like England. Though I have never been to England I know the “famous” English weather, haha! I did know that the half of the Holland is under water but I did not know there are some boat-houses where people do live at the present time. The name of the country came from this: Netherlands, the land on nether. That is why there is a long canal inside of the city. And if you look carefully you can see the inclined houses next to the canal. Back in time all the houses were built with woods instead of bricks and within time they got melted. They did not get in the water completely because the houses were built coherently. 


It was really amazing and unbelievable through my eyes. And the reason of those houses was the crowd of the city and contiguity of the buildings. I would love to live in one of them. Their transportation is the boat through the canal. They can go anywhere in Amsterdam with that. And those boat-houses do not get wet because of the canal or rain. 


There are a lot of things to say about this “sin city” but I am trying to summarize it all for you guys. First of all, you should now have any doubts to visit here because you can feel yourself home since almost everybody speaks “perfect” English and since all the people are really helpful and friendly and kind. They are really warm-hearted unlike Germans (sorry my German friends, I needed to compare it :)). They are really chilled and happy, not because of that “legal thing” but it has some roles on it too. 


All the beautiful things gathered in this city: Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, on the other hand: The red light street, coffee shops and Ice-Bar. I love the combinations of those. We had never tried “it” before so we decided to give it a try haha! We went first to Green House where we bought our first joint. And we asked people how to smoke it afterwards, but the truth is no matter what we tried there, nothing happened to us. I guess we were so nervous to get high in the sin city. We even ate that “cake” which did not taste so good to be honest. Since we do not like mushrooms, we did not try that “biggie!” We did miss something big and we realized it after we got back home to Germany. Red light street is worldwide famous and since we are two curious girls in Amsterdam, of course we have been there too. But after we got in that narrow street with the view of all sexy-looking-hot-pants-women we regretted being there. It was for the men for God’s sake haha! And speaking the truth, it was really narrow, if you ever think about get it, you had better walk alone and get inside of the door as soon as possible. As a women, I lost my mind there, in a bad way. I am telling this for you “guys” I have heard that there is also a man inside waiting for the customer and he doesn’t leave the room and you should give the money directly to him. NO BARGAIN ALLOWED! That is what I have heard from a friend of mine who experienced it himself. After we could get out of the street we wanted to get inside of the live-porn-museum, we hesitated for a long time and at the end we did not get in. Because TOO MUCH CURIOSITY can DO YOU HARM! But I like this long street with full of cafes and lights near to the canal. 


Even though I was pretty sick those days, I tried my best to make the most of my trip in Amsterdam. I really wanted to visit Van Gogh Museum but since my friend has been there already, I skipped it from my list.. But I totally regretted it. Next time I go there I will visit this Museum first. On our last day we wanted to see the well-known Sign of Amsterdam in “Sculpture Park” where the Van Gogh and Rijkmuseum are.


We walked a bit from our hostel and a beautiful garden welcomed us with lots of colorful flowers and water fountains. There are two of those signs in Amsterdam and one of them is in front of  Amsterdam Airport. But this one in the Sculpture Park is prettier. But for our luck (ironically), there were movement around the park. They were exchanging the letters of Amsterdam one by one, in other words: RESTORATION. It was pretty much of a bad luck but still, we made the most of it, we acted like little kids in a playground. I almost got the top of each letter :D. I am that crazy I know! 


The Netherlands is known for its delicious cheese, unique waffle, its orange tulips, wind mill and their “klompen” also known as wooden-shoes. If you are planning to come to Amsterdam one day, please get lost in the biggest wooden-shoe in Amsterdam 🙂 Most importantly enjoy your time and try new things. 



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