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Blue is the warmest color in Chefchaouen

Right now, sipping my tea with a lemon slide in it and thinking of my first journey in Morocco..

I know I have written about Morocco a lot, but I just can’t get enough of this unique country. It affected me in many ways! I would like to share my thoughts and some beautiful details about the cities I have visited when I was there. 

Now, we will explore the bluest city in Morocco also known as “Blue Pearl”. This little town called Chefchaouen since it is all blue everywhere. I could even name it Fifty Shades of Blue. It would fit. 

This is the first city we explored in Morocco, the first destination. We were in Casablanca and wanted to go out of this city to see more of the beauty of Morocco. We went there 3 Turks, 2 Tunisians and 1 Egyptian. It was a real challenge, especially for the us Turks since we don’t speak neither Arabic nor French. But our friends saved our a… haha! We went there by bus which was horrible and not even close to comfy. But after all we slept during the trip which was good. It was approximately 8-9 hours from Casa to Chef. This city is located in the Northern part of Morocco.

We arrived there in the morning and all starving! After walking a bit and seeing the city from the mountain, we found a Cafe where we had a small version of traditional Moroccan-breakfast (Mint-tea, something similar to phyllo dough, Moroccan bread, honey, jam and cheese omelet and juice). But we only had half of it. 🙄

After getting all ready we went to search for a place to stay the night. Finally found the reasonably good one. Price is low and the quality of the rooms are surprisingly well designed. It is also blue everywhere there too, I don’t wonder. 

I want to talk about the spiritual things that first began in that blue city.. I spent there the most precious time with the people that I call family now! They know themselves, no need to reveal their names. We rested a bit in our hotel and then ran for an adventure. Those small streets with a different tone of blue color though.. They got me amazed for a minute before taking any picture of them. This place had shaded off a lot within time to charm the tourists more than the locals.. 

Let’s talk about the secret of blue color. Rumor has it that back in time when Jewish Spaniards immigrated here they put blue pieces on their dresses since they believed it protected them and reminded them of GOD. And since then they have started painting the walls, the houses and everything in blue.🔹 They think it wards off evil spirits. Ohh and blue is not only the color of hope and loyalty but also the color which can kick the bugs/insects away! Not sure if it’s all true, but still..

If you ever go there, you should get lost in that narrow streets and instead of taking lots of pictures, do what others don’t: savour the moment! Close your eyes for a bit and be thankful that you are alive and healthy and be able to see the beauty of this world. This place is too blue to make you angry, nervous and upset.. It makes you calm and at peace. It makes you realize the good things in life. It urges you to be grateful for this life. So you get to be thankful for everything you have, with all the goods and all the bads..

When in Chefchaouen, don’t forget to buy some well designed scarfs or traditional dress or shoes! They tell you a high price at first but it is all about your talent to bring it down, even if you don’t know Arabic 🙂 Because we are all human beings and we need at least one concrete thing to remember the place we have been to and smell the memory out of it..

There is only one colorful thing there: the flowerpots. You can seem them in each corner with every color; green, yellow, pink, orange, white, brown and whatnot. These are the main decoration of the place for me. These make the streets look unique..


Most people visit Chefchaouen because of its unique color and its reputation. But for me it is more than this. The atmosphere and aliveness there.. That’s more valuable than the fame for me. Of course I took a lot of pictures but that was to keep the memories of this place alive. To remember the moments and to bring back my memories.. There are million pictures of places on the internet but your point of view and the way you see them is different than the others. It might look like the others, so similar, yet it is not.. Each angle, each detail and those feelings are so different than the other. 

Hey, one more thing! One of the most important informations about the place after all. As you might now, this place is known as “the Amsterdam” in Morocco, which means you can end the day happily with one THING! The famous ONE! If you know, you know 🙂  It is more “LEGAL” than the Southern of Morocco. Well, only if you are into it. (just saying)


And if you are sunset und sunrise addicted kind of person, you should definitely get up to the mountains and catch either the sunrise or the sunset within the beautiful view.. Unfortunately, we did not have time to do it but the next time it is a MUST! Instead of taking thousand pictures of the moments, enjoy it. ‘Take the picture with your own eyes and save it in your mind and replay it over and over again‘. For those moments we live for.. Cause for the sake of the sunrises we feel alive! Because the best view comes after the hardest climb.. 

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