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Hope is a money for a honey

Well, I was supposed to write my next text  about Manali/India.

Right now sitting in my room and listening to piano sound in the background, I decided to write about me and my goals and my point of view about life. You may like it or not, I will write them all down anyway 🙂

Maybe I am not the perfect one to revise the year 2018. But with all ups and downs it has been one of the perfect years in my life. Because I am kind of a person who make the each and every single year the year of hers! Instead of saying “this year will be MY YEAR!” Hell no. Don’t do it to yourself. Observe things carefully but at the same time embrace everything that has happen and will happen to you in this life. Because it won’t be always rainbows and butterflies. But you can promise something to yourself; no matter what KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Just be at peace with yourself. Give yourself a time to heal, to improve, to change if you really want to. But always be who you are!

People talk whether you do bad or good. Why do you bother yourself listening to them all. Just listen to your guts. They will lead you to the right place. Not every moment is perfect. Life will challenge you and even will try many times in a row. There comes a time when you want to give up and sleep forever! It will be the time when you gotta stand up and fight for your own life. Don’t let life fool you. It is not much stronger than you! 

And people in life won’t last forever, either. Like your problems or your happiness.. and your sadness. I wish I could say ‘watch out’: but no! It’s not about that. You can’t control them. You can’t see their true face in the beginning. What I would suggest you is to see them good, do them good. Don’t change your behaviour according to the others. Always be good. See the goodness in them all. Though they don’t deserve it, you are not the one to judge. 

Forgive people. No matter what, no matter who they are and what they mean to you or don’t mean anything at all.. Forgive them, so you can put all the burdens down from your shoulder. It will only harm you not them. Let it go, dear. Life will be much brighter when you let go and when you forgive, even though they don’t deserve it. Do it for yourself. Be SELF-ish in this life. Because you ONLY live ONCE and make the most of it.

Enjoy little things in life. Treat yourself once in awhile. Do what makes you happy. What gives you joy and energy you need. Is it yoga? Is it music? Is it traveling? Is it photography? Is it writing or maybe reading? Do it. Everything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself. Others have achieved them, why not you? What is blocking you from your path? Don’t you have any sparks in you? Isn’t there anything inspiring? If not, then you are looking in the wrong direction. Change your view, so will your life change. Make time for yourself. Love when you can; a tree, a dog, your book, your breakfast, your family, friends… or a lover. Love when you still have time. When you still can. Whatever you do, do it with LOVE. I am not exaggerating, I am telling the truth. If it doesn’t spurt out of your heart, then stop. Give yourself a time.. Think, but don’t overthink. Find yourself, again. Don’t push yourself if you don’t feel like doing it. Take is easy!

Create a family from your friends. Not everyone has a word to choose their own. Not everyone is lucky, but you! You can choose to be lucky. You can create your own LUCK. Hold onto the ones who cares, who shows his/her real heart and true self. Who loves you unconditionally, who loves you the way you are. Who wouldn’t change a thing about you at all. Who will be there for you until the breath stops. Even after the seperation who will honor you by thinking of you from time to time. Death doesn’t tear us apart, but the brain. The time you stop thinking, you stop feeling and it leads you to forget things about it. Eventually it will fade forever. Don’t let it happen. Keep them inside of your heart forever!

Time; the healer and the killer. Use it wisely.. It won’t come again. Even this second is a past to the other one. Love yourself more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Be open to people. Don’t play with the feelings. Use the chance when you get them. Don’t wait for the right time. That time never comes, but you -YOURSELF- create it. Believe in second chances and people might change. Everything changes in every single day, hour, minute, second. Believe in good and good will do you back! Life itself can be hurtful. So surprise it with your best attitude. Take your shot! 

Last, but not least, follow your GOAL. Because what I believe is “Never a DREAM but an ACTION!” Take the shot. Make it happen. Chase the path darling. It might get scary, lonely, terrible, hopeless or fatal.. But as long as you have the faith in you, you CAN DO IT. You are the only enemy of YOURSELF; noone but YOU! Make a peace with yourself first. Then start today. Start somewhere. Because in the end you will thank youself for this. You will not regret the things you have done, but the things you haven’t when you had a chance! You are a GIFT to this life. Make it last forever.




3 thoughts on “Hope is a money for a honey”

  1. Thanks for sharing your own perspective, it’s so fruitful and an eye opening to start the year with self refreshement that start with self refelection that start now, or maybe a couple of sec ago, as you shared start today somewhere but do it it now I did. Thanks for reading ^^
    From my side what I can add, it’s a personal sharing : I deeply believe that ‘’THE KEY IS YOU’

    Lik, OUM

    With love.

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