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Piece of peace: M(o)n’ali

Collect such people in your life where you laugh and pee yourself because of real happiness of mind.

It all started with 14 hour bus trip from Delhi to Manali…

After a very long trip from New Delhi, we finally got to meet the beautiful city; Manali. The time we got there, I knew I was going to like this place, a lot..

I will start talking about my observation first; about Manali, their people, atmosphere and whatnot. In my opinion the people from North don’t really look so Indian, the ones we all have in mind from Bollywood movies, or from imagination, or general knowledge. Let’s say not much of a stereotype. They don’t look like one another. The hostel we stayed in was above the mountains, so it was hard to get down again by walk. There is only bus.. or hitchhiking haha! I like where we were, the nature, the best feeling of being isolated from crowd and city life, the happiness in the air. Even the name of the hostel itself “The lost tribe hostel“. You feel me now? 🙂

First day we went to the downtown by bus to check around what was going on there. We bought some souvenirs to remember the place, as usual. Then all of a sudden I was craving of ice-cream until we we tasted the ‘UNI-CONE‘ which we would name OUR favorite of all times. It was ice-cream on a cone and six flavors in one. And it was only 50 INR. Yes! Reasonable price for this amazing taste. 

Manali is also known for its nature activities. Such as; hiking, rafting, camping, paragliding and so on. Since we didn’t choose the best season to visit the country and since it was raining nonstop, the activities were also off, like the season. It was pretty disappointing but had to find other options, cause we had many days to spend there. 

On the next day, we paid a visit to a place called “Himalayan Trout Fish Farm”. It happened after a very long discussion and many doubts. Some of us hitchiked to the place and we took a bus where we only paid 15 INR. Actually we also wanted to go to “Solange Valley”, since it was all off, we decided not to. It wasn’t much of interesting there in the Fish Farm. The nature was mesmerizing already. But ‘no activitiy, no fun’, they said. After spending few minutes there, all of us hitchiked a truck and all got in on the way to the hostel. It was a pretty much experience. While some were being dull and sulky, some of us got on top of the truck (literally) and the rest were listening to music and losing themselves to dance. You gotta live for the moment; stop being antisocial haha!

Before entering the hostel, we decided to grab some food. We went to a restaurant nearby hostel called ”Lasagne”. The rooftop’s view was just CHARMING. The nature was calling you, obviously. I shared a big pizza with my ”people”, whom I feel happy and safe with. The people, my poeple. As if we were the ”3 IDIOTS” like in the movie haha! Like our pizza, we shared some thoughts and loved each other more, and more.

Since we were indecisive and really wanted to discover a place or two, we grabbed our bags and headed to the forest, to the ”Jogni Falls”. We hiked a lot.. literally. We were hoping to bath in the fall but it was soooo far, yet so close. Four of us had their own determitation about the direction to the fall. But we listened to our guts, or our guide, haha! She led the way and we followed her.

It was getting dark and so was rain. The atmosphere was exactly like in the horror movies. No exaggeration! Very tall trees, and there was no noise other than falls’. We kept walking and walking. The rocks were so slippery and we fell down many times, and laughed at out own fall. We realized that the falls were soooo far away from us and it was getting late, was already dark. We returned to the center and went for the hot-spring. I know it sounded great but it didn’t seem that wonderful.

Guys and girls split into two groups and each of them headed to their own hot-(tub). The place has its own hot water coming from the ground, eventually from the earth. It sounded fabulous when we first heard about it, but it lasted until we saw the place. I am not saying it was horrible, but really narrow place in the garden of Temple and there were many people showering in the small tub. I decided to stay outside and wait for my friends. While waiting, I saw many people collecting hot water from tap water on the street. And I realized again, how embarrassing of me to be disgusted by that hot-spring. On the other hand, people are in need of that water..

We had our dinner nearby and headed back to our hostel. It wasn’t easy to get back, we hitchhiked because there was no bus or tuktuk at that time in the place to where we came from. After an hour maybe more, we reached our lovely destination: LOST TRIBE HOSTEL! We gathered all hostel workers and Aiesec people together and some of us enjoyed Manali evening with a touch or breath of the very famous THING of the city: GREEN MEANS GO

While feeling blissful and merciful, I tended to go back where it felt like ‘home‘. It was a long night with a short moments of happiness. Since I was crazy, I did crazy haha. Plus Yagmur means ‘crazy‘ in dictionary.

We didnt want to do much on the next day. We woke up late and went to downtown again, to have that FAVORITE ice-cream. It was yummy, seriously. You gotta grab one if you ever go THERE! The nature was taking our breaths away. I wish I could just live there forever. I am much of a city person but countryside wouldn’t hurt either. I’d like to be able to listen to my own heart-beat and to hear the birds and my breathing only. The mixed colors, as if the green is a MOTHER and the other colors came to be her children. That’s why we call it MOTHER-EARTH, maybe! I even thought to stay there and leave the group for their next destination. Then, the reality hit! HARD. I wish I had done that.

The best place for yoga, meditation, self-awareness, inner-peace.. For the last thing to do, we went to old manali to get some henna tattoo! We asked about the prices and mostly they said 1000INR, which was pretty high. We found very friendly tattoo-artist and let him do our hennas. He did a pretty good job. My friend had ”Ganesha” and I had ”OM”. As if we were adopting us to the culture and let the culture consume us.. We paid 300INR for each and it was amazing enough. The guy even gifted me one henna and I felt even happier! 

We were in a hostel after many hours, even came across some familiar faces from hostel on the way back there. The night was freaking amazing. I don’t remember a time when I laughed so hard and even peed myself haha! Sorry for being honest. Don’t tell me you don’t do anything like this, when you laugh a lot. (When you are really high to be honest). We weren’t too many people. Just us, usual. We were chatting and laughing and being nonsense and living the moment. Some wee playing with dogs, in other terms; making love to it haha, others kept laughing nonstop and some were getting hungry. YES! I was the one who got hungry. I went back to my room to get some cookies and i brought it to the table, but it was almost empty while I was eating them on the way. We went to the kitchen with one worker and he prepared us nutella-bread. I consumed mine in two seconds and took theirs as well because I was literally starving.

After everyone scattered, we went to check our friend in his room if he was okay. We couldn’t stop laughing. I am still laughing remembering the day. 😀 It was like yersterday. After having a long rest and it was time to move out of the hostel, also out of the city. On the way to the city bus I realized that I forgot the ”moroccan hat” that worker gave me as a gift. Either they found it on my bed or it was lost already from the time he handed me. I really liked the hat, though. I wish it could have stayed with me any longer.

With its people and all the experiences we had, I won’t forget Manali. It was one of the highlights of the journey. If I ever go back to India, Manali is the first on the list to visit again. This time with more green and more nature activities.. Are you in? 



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