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The more the better or vice-versa?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: What if the journeys we take make us more miserable? What if the more we travel the more we long for it? What if it is a vicious circle never ends?

Each journey changes us, changes our vision about life, friendship, family and love. Each and every single of them affect us deeply, even though we can’t admit it sometimes. Because we don’t want to accept the fact that we are not THE SAME person anymore. The one who used to see the world from one window and now everything has changed and nothing could stay like they used to be. You can’t control this. Nobody can actually. Because you decided in advance that you wanted to change: to change yourself, change the life you live in, even (ex)change the people in it. The only thing you can change is YOU. Everything begins within you. If you change the way you see things, things will start to change immediately.

On the other hand, when you taste the real feeling of journey, you can’t stop being on the roads. That’s a fact actually. Nobody can stop traveling after their first trip. Not only because they liked the place and buildings and atmosphere there, or they liked to know about new culture and to meet new people..but also they want to rediscover themselves within. They want to go back to a place where they feel like home, feel like themselves and safe.. and in peace! When they come back home, after three days or maximum a week they realize that it is the life they escape from, or the people they don’t want to be with anymore. Because in the end everything stays exactly the same but you are the one who have changed. New version of you has already been created when you were too busy with enjoying life and having a good company and living the life you have always wanted. That’s the reason why you feel empty after coming back home. You always leave a piece of you peace by peace and the more you travel the more you suffer in the airplane on the way back home..

But what if it is the thing hurts us the most? What if we can’t stop it and are not happy anywhere and are happy everywhere at the same time? What if we miss everywhere we have been to? What if we are afraid of losing this connection in a new place that we haven’t been yet? What if it is overwhelming us more and more every single day? Or what if that makes us to understand who we really are? What if there weren’t any ‘what ifs’ ?

No matter where we belong to in this world, where we were born, grew up, which language we speak and what colour we are. The moment you feel that you belong to the WORLD and WORLD belongs to YOU, that’s the moment you decide to see it all, as long as you live. You will long for more and even sometimes suffer not to know it all, not to see it all. What world actually does is consuming you when you travel. And you have the same urge to fight it back. That’s how you really become traveler, nomad, pilgrim or how you name it. Because all the names are right in one way or another. For a very long time the human beings have been traveling from one place or another. Sometimes they had chosen a place and immigrated there. Some of them kept moving forward without settling down. But the main point is that they couldn’t endure living in a same place for a long time; they couldn’t keep still forever. They have been wondering about the WORLD and what it keeps.

We never get enough of anything, including traveling. We get bored of the same phone, same shoes, same hair, same place and even same people, when we have them for awhile. We go search for new adventures, new people, new places, new life. We are programmed to move forward. Unfortunately, we don’t know the value of the things we have, while having them. We understand the REAL PRICE of them after selling them, changing them or losing them.. We all do this! Nobody can deny. It is a part of life and it is very hearbreaking. When did the world become so evil? Why is everything becoming so hearbreaking? Why don’t we try to value things while having them? Why do we always ask for more?

Everything is connected eventually. Like DOMINOS. Every step and action you take lead you somewhere. Sometimes it is a lesson that you need to learn, sometimes it is just the opposite. And that is your destiny. You can’t know how long you need to hold on to it. You will never know, honestly. Just go with the flow. Eventually, you will figure out where to stop. Everything will fall in a place. Don’t feel more, or less. Feel how much you think you need to feel. Don’t do more than it is supposed to be done. Don’t chase anything and anyone. If they are not supposed to stay in your life, they are supposed to be OUT of your life. Don’t question too much. Don’t creat new scenarios! You are not a director. You are just a passanger in this life and on the way ‘H.OM.E’ you will meet new passangers, taste new food, see new places and learn new things. What matters for us is what we experience on the way. Reaching destination makes you have new one!

As long as you want to learn something new, life awaits you 24/7 on the next door. It doesn’t ask you to knock the door before you enter, you should just step up and see what’s there inside. Be brave to try new things and see things from different windows. Because EYES are just like fingertips. Every single of them are unique and have their own characteristic feature. They can talk, they can be silent, they can be happy, they become sad easily.. They have their own vision and their own way to see things. That’s why we are sooo different from one another. We perceive situations or conversations differently. First you SEE and then you understand. That’s why you don’t want to believe something you HEAR,  but you SEE. Because you feel like when you see it you will believe it. Eye has a different filter than others. Eyes have a their own way to say “I love you” or “I miss you” or “I am happy”. Not everyone shows in the same way. Sometimes you should put yourself not in someone’s shoes but in someone’s EYES. Because only EYES can make you realize and they never lie.

“Keep traveling; as much as you can and as far as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place.” Make it your life style, your habit, your need it life. Like water. Like food. Like love. You will provide all you need in life while traveling. If you start believing today, it will happen tomorrow. Give it a shot. Each time go somewhere further, less known, with a language you never heard. Somewhere you didn’t put in your list. Go there. Be yourself. Put all the responsibilities in your life down. Carpe diem! Be happy with small things. ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING FROM LIFE. ALWAYS BE PROUD OF WHO YOU HAVE BECOME! If you travel you will have dreams and if you dream you BECOME.

Keep becoming..

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