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Doing good or doing you?

This is the question we should all ask to ourselves…..

It is not always going to be your day. Sometimes you will feel lonely, low, moody, disappointed.. but the other days you will be energetic, happy, amazing or crazy. All of them belongs to you, belongs to your personality. Every single person has a different way of reacting to situations. Because we all have different thoughts, experiences, backgrounds in this life which builds our main character. When something bad happens, don‘t let it consume your energy and destroy your inner peace. Don‘t let them fool you and take you for granted. Don‘t let them humiliate you unless you do the same to them too! But should we do good all the time or do us? Should we let them hurt us and be present in our lives? Should we keep them close even though we already put a huge distance between us in our minds? We should let them know this. ‚How‘ is the question but you choose your way. We will succeed one day at a time and we will not be able to know the answer of a specific question at another. Don‘t you ever doubt yourself! Because you are loved, respected and cared! Because you are good enough to BE YOU. You know yourself and that‘s what matters. Embrace all the moments and ups and downs here. Welcome disappointment and dance with happiness. Kick ass of the arrogance and jump into the craziness. But first of all, be in LOVE with your BEINGNESS – observe people in silent and watch them reacting in public and in person. Then do the maths in between! Keep them distant if needed or push them into your heart if you know that those are one of a kind. Be free to choose people like choosing your meal at a restaurant.

Always work on yourself and never let them judge you for who you become! Learn every single day and be eager to do this for the lifetime. Don‘t put any limits in front of you and dream as far as you can go! Go further and dream bigger. And let them watch you while you are living your dreams. Be busy with YOU only. Your growth and happiness. Choose people who chose you and grow with them. Be honest, too honest about anything. If someone can‘t accept the fact it only means that they prefer lies and dies. Let them love you the way you are. Every inch of it. Without boundaries and secrets. Open up your heart and let them love you or leave you alone. Less people always mean more happiness. Be happy with whom you succeed this. Be happy for yourself and your life and your destiny. If something is meant to be it will eventually happen. Don‘t rush and stress yourself. Live for the moment and have some rest. You deserved it after all these chaos and endeavors..

1 thought on “Doing good or doing you?”

  1. Grateful to discover your words once again ^^ ,
    After all it’s,
    this is my most recent learning from life school, but the important one, the learning that I value the most is the following :
    -it’s a full time job changing yourself.
    And never forget that somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known…

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