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Right now, I am sooooo inspired. I let my thoughts flow through my fingers into the words.. I want to talk about what I have experienced lately.

I always hesitated to travel alone, a.k.a. SOLO. No specific reason behind, but I thought it would be boring and I wouldn’t enjoy my trip. Well, I traveled to West Africa and Asia alone. (Even to Germany). But it wasn’t like traveling solo. I knew I would meet new people there and travel with them. The projects were all about it. But recently, I took the very first step and traveled nearby, without any plans, routes and people there. And I enjoyed it to the most.

I met many people online and also in real life who have been doing this for a long time; Traveling SOLO. I always envied them and wanted to do the same but deep down I knew I would get bored. NO WAY! This 3 day-trip made me realize many things. I re-discovered what I really want through discovering new place and new people. I realized once again that I enjoy my OWN company, too. I like to spend time on my own and improve myself while facing failure. Honestly, my biggest ‘’concern” was; not being able to take my own pictures and sharing the memory with someone. I do apologize MYSELF first, to let those cheap thoughts get into my brain. Because if you really want to do something, achieve something or make something happen, you do it eventually. You find a way and make it happen. I found many ways to overcome those “SILLY” concerns.

First of all, you are NEVER alone on a trip, even if you want to. People communicate all the time and they will approach you to see your reaction. If you are on the same page or close to one another SPRITUALLY or MENTALLY, you will get close sooner than expected. You will make spontaneous plans and then you will be grateful for all the unplanned trips you have ever had. Sometimes you will miss being your own company and other days you will lose yourself to the wave. You can be friends for that moment or friends forever, but you will always have that person’s touch in your heart. One way or another. Every path you cross and each person you meet teach you something, the way you teach them. You show them who you really are, because once you are traveling solo and being reckless, you have nothing to hide and nothing to lose. It will be all about gains and laughs. Since your body relaxes, your brain will follow and you don’t need to fake things. Even if you don’t go to people, they will come to you. You will be the magnetism.

I took the bus from Antalya to Olympos. The place I have heard a lot in the past years and always wanted to say HI. I never had guts to go, ALONE. Well, I broke the legs I guess. I stayed in a tree house and all I wanted was to be in nature, do some yoga and rest. It didn’t really go as I planned. I am not even complaining. I arrived to Olympos, checked in, got dressed and BYE. First I wanted to discover the Ancient City. If you get informed about what you are looking at, it is all interesting and charming. I hiked a bit and did some yoga in the woods, in the heart of the nature. I took my own pictures and videos and whatnot. I was sooooo damn happy. Right after, I went to the beach, swam, read my book, had my drink and my WORLD. It was all what I was looking forward to. I was enjoying my own company. I thanked myself to travel SOLO. On my way I met people and we became friends. We talked, walked, discovered new things and challenged each other to jump into the sea from a rock. It was pretty high. I did IT. I jumped and I didn’t regret it. After having dinner, we met again to listen to live music and chill. The day was going amazing. While watching the people around me and consuming the positive vibe in the atmosphere and I couldn’t help and I smiled very big inside my head.

Next day, I just wanted to have more time for myself. Again, I went to the beach and did some yoga there. I slept under the sun and decided to do something on my bucket list: Canoeing. They said it was late to do it for the day and I focused myself on the ABILITY and it HAPPENED. I, Yağmur, canoed. The day was also pretty amazing to me. I did something for myself, spent time with myself and had a smile on my face at the end of the day. Which matters the most. The last day I woke up early and headed to Kaş, another province in Antalya. I had never been to those places I am mentioning here before. Kas was a small town with a beautiful port. I checked around and decided that I will come there again to do scuba-diving, which is also in my bucket list. (It’s always better to clean up the list). Since I had time I was thinking of doing paragliding, but I changed my mind and will go to Oludeniz again, to do PARAGLIDING. Things SHOULD be done in their BEST known place. That’s what I believe so.

From Kaş I went to Kaputaş.. It is a bay but people use it as a beach now. The colors of the sea got me amazed. I fell in love, I did. Beautiful shades of blues make you believe you are in a postcard. I don’t exaggerate. You go and check on your own. You are going to FALL IN LOVE, too. The sea was very salty and wind didn’t let us swim, but I even did some ASANAS. I let my inner child out. I didn’t wanna go back home.

Last destination was Patara. I wanted to see the SAND BEACH. I checked online and it looks like Sahara desert and I miss being there and miss everything I lived there. That’s why I wanted to check Patara sand beach so bad. But I couldn’t manage since I had lack of time. I visited the ancient city. We got some information by the tour guide. In the ancient Rome the places between Fethiye and Antalya used to be called LYCIA. It was one of the states of Roman Empire and even today you can walk/hike the path that connects Fethiye and Antalya. Lycia means the country of lights. And very famous by travelers and backpackers.


I walked to the beach of Patara. It was windy here too. I got in and out of the sea in 5 minutes. I played beach volley with people and headed back home. It was a long journey and took many hours to reach home. But at the end I found the blessed girl in me who believe in love, laugh, life. Who believe in good things and herself.. I recalled that the WORLD IS MINE!

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