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Delay-zness of Life

We don‘t know how to communicate. Not sometimes, but mostly. We answer before we listen, we shout before we understand, we cut it off before we give a chance.. We do break hearts before we know how to fix them.. before we even know if it is possible to heal them. We live for the moment, according to our moods, mostly. But what we forget about is we aren‘t promised tomorrow. And unfortunately, in order to understand something‘s value, we gotta go through it. Either we gotta lose it, break it, or damage it. Do we really need to do this? Can‘t we be just calm and focus on communication? Why do we like to hurt each other? Apologizing means nothing after you hurt your loved ones! Don‘t focus on problems and mistakes, focus on human being. Focus on the good sides of others, be grateful for what you have instead of going away. Be aware that everyone can make mistakes, be aware that everybody loves you as long as you love yourself. Be aware that you are human too! You have the power to make yourself happy and sad at the very same time. Why do you even worry that much? Just live this life and let the God handle the rest. Well, if you believe one. If you don‘t, it will be fine as long as you believe in yourself.

Just try to understand one another. If you do this, it might change the whole story. It might help you to overthink what might have happened if you hadn‘t acted the way you did. You will eat your brains by these thoughts. But was it really necessary in the first place? Why do we keep losing each other in-a-row? Why can‘t we hold on to each other, once? People like to run away, from their problems, their families, from people they love and sometimes from their dreams. Nobody really wants to face the reality, EVER. They always want to choose the easiest way to survive. They don‘t like to sacrifice or compromise. They want to live the way they think is suitable for me. But when they find a good friend or lover, they want to be single again in all terms just in order to avoid LEARNING. Learning of new life and seeing world from different WINDOW. They are scared to lose it all, scared to get attached. Scared to be hurt or scared to be HAPPY. People like to feed themselves from DRAMA, PAIN, LONELINESS. And they think this is real life. NO! It is not. They would never think the sun will shine again after the rain and they will see the rainbow. They want to have it all, but they are either too lazy or scared to overcome the obstacles on the way. They think it is not good for them, yet they can‘t know before they try. They like to assume things before they get into that. Life is all about patience. With yourself, with your goals, with your loved ones! You need to be patient to see things clearly, to achieve your goals and to discover yourself. You need to give it a time in order to see the beauty in it, as the flowers bloom after winter and sun rises after darkness.

You can see love, happiness and hope in every shape and form. It depends on how you want to see things. Ice-cream can make you happy, or listening to music might give you hope or even in a person you can find yoUr hOMe. Don‘t hesitate when your heart speaks to you. Don‘t question a lot if you want the real happiness. Just let it be.

Action speaks louder than words. But every now and then, people need to hear things in order to believe them. It doesn‘t mean every words we say make sense and are true. But when you say it from the bottom of your heart, the other will know it is true. That‘s the way it is. No need to explain how. Because when you know, you know.

Never postpone anything in your life. People tend to do that a lot, since they became lazier day by day. They postpone their plans, their dreams, their explanations and even their life. They think they have it all at once. But things change and you might not have it back after damage is done. Try to cope with things. Get out of your comfort zone. Be there for them, listen to them, speak when they want to hear things.. Get the ticket of your dream destination. Save money for your goals. It doesn‘t mean you are postponing it; it means you are on your way! There is a HUGE difference. Drink that coffee even it might not be good for your health, go meet those friends, though you think they hurt you back in time. Talk to them. Explain how you felt about them. Tell them they hurt you. Ask them their reasons. Breathe, listen, change things. Change the way you see the world. Put up with yourself before you have to put up with the world. Make yourself happy before anyone else. And when you feel like being lazy and doing NOThing at all, then DOn’t. Laying in bed and eating snacks while watching movie might also make your day, at a time.

Most importantly, don’t TRY hard to make yourself at peace. Don’t think too much of “what ifs”. Don’t stress yourself because of the things you can’t control. You can’t control LIFE, even your own life. Try to take it easy and try to skip the thoughts of tomorrow. Live by now, because time goes by real quick while you are busy of thinking *how?*

Make your time valuable. Give them to things and people you think worth it. Don’t avoid good vibe. Don’t try to stay away from those, even once, who made you happy/ happiest in the world. If they choose to leave you, the door is open. If they do so, obviously they don’t deserve your vibe. Surround yourself with gold SOULS. Get-out-of-YOUR-comfort-ZONE. Because “You can‘t find PEACE by avoiding LIFE!”

Now breath in and breath out.

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