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Green Tea: Manali

Collect such people in your life where you laugh and pee yourself because of real happiness of mind. It all started with 14 hour bus trip from Delhi to Manali... After a very long trip from New Delhi, we finally got to meet the beautiful city; Manali. The time we got there, I knew I… Continue reading Green Tea: Manali

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UDAIPUR; U-dare-to?

Sometimes you just can’t forget about a specific place, or a city. Not because of the food, or the atmosphere or the city itself. But because of the memories you create there. Udaipur is the highlight of my journey in India. Well, there are a lot of reasons behind it. It was the third destination… Continue reading UDAIPUR; U-dare-to?

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Ohh Kerala, Kerala! What shall'e do with thy Kerala? After almost one month intense AIESEC journey through India, most of us got separated. The last destination for all together was Goa. That’s where we said our see you soons to each other, not a goodbye for me. Because the majority went back to their homes… Continue reading PEACE OF GREEN: KERALA

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The story of the beginning: Surat

This is the beginning of the journey, improvement, change and mixture of emotions.. Surat, THE CITY OF DIAMOND, or in my dictionary: THE CITY OF IMPACT. This is the city where we started our journey and the city I will never forget. I spent four days in this place and discovered the city while discovering… Continue reading The story of the beginning: Surat