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Delay-zness of Life

We don‘t know how to communicate. Not sometimes, but mostly. We answer before we listen, we shout before we understand, we cut it off before we give a chance.. We do break hearts before we know how to fix them.. before we even know if it is possible to heal them. We live for the… Continue reading Delay-zness of Life

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Peace in Piece

There is no such thing as meaning of life. Lots of people chase it, search for it. But at the end they all leave this world without finding it. They are too busy to find it, yet they don’t know the real meaning of it: LIVING. Don’t be sad about the past; don’t even be… Continue reading Peace in Piece

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UDAIPUR; U-dare-to?

Sometimes you just can’t forget about a specific place, or a city. Not because of the food, or the atmosphere or the city itself. But because of the memories you create there. Udaipur is the highlight of my journey during India. Well, there are a lot of reasons behind it. In this writing I won’t… Continue reading UDAIPUR; U-dare-to?

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Ohh Kerala, Kerala! What shall'e do with thy Kerala? After almost one month intense AIESEC journey through India, most of us got separated. The last destination for all together was Goa. That’s where we said our ‘’see you soons’’  to each other, not a GOODBYE for me. Because I don’t say goodbye, I never liked… Continue reading PEACE OF GREEN: KERALA

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Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah

I remembered the day we got there.. It was the 5. of September. We were 2 Turks and 2 Tunisians! We had our own nicknames: 2-TUs! 😄 It was a calm and small city located in the Northern of Morocco! North of Morocco looks much more European than the South, but the South has it's… Continue reading Ocean meets the he’art’: Assilah